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Apologies to Charlie Russell, but it is an appropos illustration . Back in winter  late 2009 when the Tea Party Movement took off nationwide after Obama took office in the riptide of the financial meltdown that had begun in September 2008 , a local group of teabaggers  also sprung up. At their first rally held at the bandshell in the city park in Cody on April 15 ” Tax Day ” that year, maybe 500 unique individuals attended. Flags were flying everywhere; six guns were openly strapped to hips ; speaker after speaker railed against Obama and “ Big Gubbamint” ; literature and propaganda fluttered about. One lone protestor, a very brave beautiful young woman named Dominque Cole, stood before them with anti-Tea Party signs.  No harm came to her  that cold day in 2009.
This year, her dissent was not needed. The Big Horn Basin Tea Party held a rally on April 19 , 2013, at the same bandshell in the same city park in Cody.  Almost nobody came After you deducted the five or so media reps there, and subtracted the 30 or so known Tea Party core group, there were maybe five members of the Public-at-large  who drifted through. Here’s a photo of the ” noon rush “


We might conclude that enthusiasm for the tea party movement around Cody has waned somewhat.
This year, the Big Horn Basin Tea Party has taken up the cause of Cindy Hill, the disgraced and demoted Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction who has the honor of being the exclusive target of a serious piece of legislation before the Statehouse last January. Senate File 104—known colloquially as the ” Hill Bill “ was written to   diminish her job description down from being the executive manager of Wyoming’s entire K-12 school system to being just a sitting perfunctory head with almost no actual duties. She was not removed from office, since she was duly elected by the people  to her post.  However, the goals and objectives and funding of the Wyoming education system is determined by law. That means legislators.  the SF 104 ” Hill Bill ” was written to take back those responsibilities from Mr. Hill , who was deemed by the Legislature to be failing in her job performance and was obstructing any attempt to rectify that . The Legislature had repeatedly asked Hill to do a few chores, and she either abrogated those or just plain screwed them up. In a word, or two , she was almost certainly guilty of either  misfeasance or incompetence. Whichever or both , she was not cooperating.  You know it’s bad when they start calling a piece of controversial legislation after you …
Why the Legislature did not go thru a formal Impeachment process, have a trial in the Wyoming Senate, and dismiss her outright is a fair question. That could have been done over the noon hour in Cheyenne during the last Lej session. Instead, they took the long way around with her, retaining her in office but totally dissembling and reconstructing her department in such a way to prevent her from running it , for the most part.

In hindsight, they should have impeached the b_tch.
Cindy Hill addressing the Cody tea party rally  April 19…for all of three minutes.

Cindy Hill is a Tea Party Darling. She’s their girl. In fact , one of the two prime organizers of the Big Horn Basin Tea Party is a slick lawyer with a funny voice from the bean-and-beet fields of Emblem over in Big Horn County a half hour’s drive by BMW sedan from Cody. The BMW 335i sedan whose license plate reads ” SU4U “…i.e. Sue for you . His name is Rob DiLorenzo and he is Cindy Hill’s attorney . Hill filed a lawsuit against Governor Matt Mead for signing SF-104. something she claims he knew better than to do since Matt used to be a U.S. Attorney before he took up the family business of running Wyoming from the Governor’s Mansion in Cheyenne. ( His grandfather was  the late Cliff Hansen , who was both Wyoming’s Governor and a US Senator ).
Your reporter may have his lawsuits crossed here since DiLorenzo has also filed a Libel suit against some Wyoming legislators who recently issued a ” White Paper ” explaining to depth why they felt SF-104 was necessary , to expand on the superficialiaties percieved in press accounts of same. Hill thru her attorney DiLorenzo feel that white paper is libelous., but when asked by your reporter if he had a specific list of allegations about what exactly in said paper ain’t truthful, DiLorenzo could not or would not produce it on paper, preferring to use his trademark verbal  blather response.
Speaking of White Paper, here is a photo of the petition currently being circulated by the BHB teabaggers to qualify a statewide referendum to annull SF-104 by direct vote of the voters .


It will require the gathering and certifying of something like 35,000 voters before it can be placed on the ballot. Judging from the turnout at the Cody teabagger fete, they are not likely going to get there in anyone’s lifetime who’s reading this. An hour and a half into the rally , they had all of two signatures. Everybody else there had already signed.

This grand scheme to keep Cindy Hill on the job and fully restore her duties  to run the state school system as she damn well sees fit without obstruction from the Good Old Boys in the legislature will probably be as successful as Bob Berry’s write-in campaign to defeat Cody’s own Hank Coe for the State Senate seat hereabouts in the November election , after Berry lost to Coe in the Republican primary last August. Coe is the chairman of the Senate education committee and not on Cindy Hill’s Christmas Card mailing list. He led the initiative to get SF-104 passed, which both houses of the Republican-dominated Wyoming Lej did handily.  Was it mentioned that Cindy Hill is a Republican ?  The Good Old Boys of the G.O.P. did not have her back , except to paint a huge red target on it perhaps. Not that they needed a target anymore than a besotted Scotsman needs a target to blast fish in a barrel.
By the mathematical principle of commutation, therefore, the Tea Party does not like Hank Coe, for what they percieve he did to their darling Cindy.
DiLorenzo blathering. He keeps his teeth sharp, too.

If DiLorenzo is the brains of the outfit,  then Bob Berry  is the ring leader of the Big Horn Basin Tea Party. Or maybe the Ringmaster,, since the BHBTP more resembles the Ring-a-ling Brothers Barnum Bunkum and Bailingwire  Circus than a productive political cabal. Especially the part of the circus that is a Clown Act. The Big Horn Basin Tea Party is a clown act still looking for their lost circus… which apparently left town sometime this last winter without telling them. [ Hint: look in Sarasota Florida. That’s where circuses spend the  winter , we hear ]
Bob ” Tex ” Berry and wife Robin.

Berry is apparently contemplating a run against incumbent Cody house representative Sam Krone in 2014. Here we go again. The Tea Party folk will go out of their way to tell you they are not a political party . Except when they are. They run as Republicans, walk like Republicans, quack like Republicans, and even take over local Republican committees. But they are teabaggers in duck’s clothing. Quack!
All Krone has to do to get reelected is pretty much stay sober. It would be helpful if he was seen less at the Silver Dollar Bar and more at other oases or  upscale venues. Your reporter has been to enough political rodeos to know the rough stock events cannot be predicted, therefore he does not wager upon them . Anything can happen at a rodeo. or an election. They are somewhat less scripted than circuses. The voters of Park County will be asked once again if Bob Berry is their man , their preferred representative, their peerless  Bull Duck.
“Fool me once, shame on you . Fool me twice, shame on me. “ the saying goes.  Methinks the 2014 election in Park County Wyoming will be one long duck hunt.
The Bottom Line:  reading the tea leaves after last week’s rally , it is pretty safe to say the Big Horn Basin Tea Party has withered. It is no longer relevant. Everybody for a hundred miles around seems to realize that , except them.  They are nothing if not delusional.

Who wants to live in Boston in the year 1773 anyway ?


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