Domain & Range

The Cody Coyote is the prototype blog for Dewey Vanderhoff of Cody Wyoming.  Dewey was born in Cody during the Truman administration. Both sets of grandparents came to Cody to work on the Buffalo Bill Dam ( then called Shoshone Dam) ; his parents were raised in Cody and graduated Cody High in 1936 . Dewey was  raised in Cody ; still lives  there, and will likely have his ashes scattered there. He says he can’t really explain any of that.

Dewey has spent most of his life working in journalism and publications. His first stint a the Cody Enterprise newspaper was in 1968-69 when as a high schooler he reported school news and sports and shot photos  for editors Dick and Phyl Shaw and publisher Peg Coe.  After college and a year working as a DJ at KODI-AM radio , Dewey returned to work at the Enterprise in 1973-74 and did prizewinning photography , but his career there was cut short when the entire newspaper building burned to the ground with him in it. He barely escaped the conflagration , but a fellow reporter did not, nor did a volunteer fireman sent in to rescue him. Dew  later went on to be a correspondent for the Wyoming News Magazine , the Billings Gazette, Casper Star Tribune, and the Powell Tribune in addition to a wide swath of freelancing . Among other sundry jobs, Dewey spent many years as a land surveyor & engineer tech  in the pre-digital days when it was still done with transit, rod, and steel tape. He never really quit doing photography , both commercially and for personal satisfaction, especially if that could be done elsewhere, as in foreign lands. Dewey has spent nearly four years of his life in Mexico and Central America, and has traveled to North Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia-Indonesia. The American West  and the Canadian Rockies remain popular rolling destinations for him. Dewey’s photography and media services are run through a phantom organization called  “Planet Cody ” a one man global empire. A lifelong interest in Astronomy and space travel are his hobbies ; environmental  activism and politics are engaging at times.

It has to be noted that Dewey somehow managed to publish eleven editions of the legendary Cody Boobyprise satire-parody newspapers between 1974 and 2002 , but perhaps that  branch of the digital ditch would best be served by a separate blog. Or something…

Cody Coyote is a moniker long used by Dewey , based on the notion that when the last man on earth gasps for his dying breath , a Coyote will be there watching him. Coyotes have it all figured out, near as Dewey can tell. They adapt.

This blog is an adaptation to the Digital Realm.  Enjoy!


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